page-banner-plumbingSouthern Cross Services include electrical, plumbing and hot water generation services.

Southern Cross services include electrical, plumbing and hot water generation services. We have created an enhanced service offering which provides the convenience of a single point of contact for your electrical, plumbing and hot water generation needs.

With our equal opportunity practice we are more than confident that our operation will further expand and maintain the highest standards in service and workmanship to develop / promote our specialist employees in the industry’s various engineering disciplines. All work undertaken by the company is carried out under strict QA/QC controls and our enviable safety record is maintained to the highest level.

For corporate maintenance contracts we provide a 24 hour service backed with most “in-stock” spares available to our highly experienced and dedicated technicians. Similarly all our preventative maintenance work is planned in detail and prioritised accordingly to suit the Client’s requirements.

Southern Cross is a member of The Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa and the Plumbing Industry Regulation Board.

Our company is keenly motivated offering the service of staff who are of the highest calibre and competent in all work undertaken. Our staff are flexible within the constraints of the industry norms and pride themselves in providing the highest level of quality, service and workmanship.


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